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"Without a doubt, his strongest to date."
  Terry Herd, Bluegrass Radio Network
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  Includes: 1. Cryin' Heart Blues,  2. All I Can Do Is Pretend,  3. Matches,  
4. Can't Keep Runnin',  5. You Can Keep Your Nine Pound Hammer,  
6. Stay Away from Me,  7. Drink Up And Go Home,  8. Troubles,  
9. Pray The Clouds Away,
10. Let's Part The Best Of Friends, 11. Talk To Your Heart,
12. He Is Near, 13. Rummie's Run
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Rummie's Run
Cryin' Heart Blues

Listen to Michael Martin Murphey & Audie Blaylock singing Running Gun on
Buckaroo Blue Grass II
Buckaroo Bluegrass II

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Audie Blaylock and Redline
...Hard Driving Bluegrass
CD - RHY #1042  
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Whispering Waters,
Who'll Sing For Me?,
Lonesome Weary Heart
Two Lonely Hearts,
My Darling's Last Goodbye,
You'll Never Be The Same,
Send Me Your Address From Heaven,
My Blue Eyed Darling,
Lonely River,
Roll On Blues,
Mountain Laurel in Bloom.