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About Audie Blaylock and RedlineFor eight straight wednesday nights at 9:30PM (EST) starting February 5th, tune into Travel Channel and hear Bluegrass Music on the TELEVISION! Our friend Corky Coker has developed a show that is all about dragging out classic cars and restoring them called Back Road Gold. Audie Blaylock & Redline is performing the Theme Song, “The Road that Winds,” written by our very own, REED JONES!!! Check it out!!!Classic Cars and Bluegrass……..exactly what this Band and Corky Coker are ALL about….what more could you want?AUDIE BLAYLOCK & REDLINE latest release, HARD COUNTRY (Rural Rhythm), that includes the single, “A Natural Thing” has appeared on charts including the Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine Top 30 Hot Singles Chart, Bluegrass Today and on the INTO THE BLUE’s TOP PICK OF THE MONTH on the Bluegrass Radio Network. “I chose the name HARD COUNTRY because I think it really defines the music on this disc. It still has that hard-driving bluegrass edge – then changes into slower paced ballad type songs as well, which really show cases the versatility of this band. It also shows just how closely bluegrass and country music are related,” explained Audie.AUDIE BLAYLOCK & REDLINE are still celebrating their album, I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky (A Bill Monroe Celebration) that previously made its debut at #1 on the Bluegrass Music Profiles Top 10 Albums in July 2011, and hit #1 on the Bluegrass Today’s Weekly Song Chart. The album continues to be a sure fire hit with radio with five songs (Cry Cry Darlin’, I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky, In Despair, Mighty Dark to Travel, and Out in the Cold) that topped the charts. Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine gave this project a big thumbs up saying, “The vocal work by Blaylock and others is topnotch, the instrumental support is right on the mark, and the Father of Bluegrass would no doubt find this release very much to his liking,” with Country Standard Time raving, “Put it on, turn it up, and drift away!”Check out Bluegate.co.za and SignatureOnline and  TheTaxi for some interesting sites.

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